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"For the last two years we have been beta testing the ATS 3c intelligent induction cleaner and have been amazed with the results.  We had previously been performing “walnut blasting” to clean carbon buildup.  Some walnut blasting operations were taking us as much as 9 hours, but with the ATS induction machine (in most cases) you are done in less than half an hour, with equally good results.  As a busy European automotive repair shop, we have seen multiple car lines with light to heavy carbon buildup.   We have started recommending the induction clean as a preventative maintenance service because we have noticed that even cars with only light carbon buildup can really benefit. Many times customers will bring in vehicles with no drivability complaints but after cleaning you can actually perceive a major change in power and drivability. On more severe cases we have fixed boost plausibility codes, misfires, and low power.  I highly recommend the 3c intelligent induction machine. It works just as advertised. This is just another way to save your customer money while making your shop more efficient and profitable."


Andreas Wittler

Owner Hans Wittler’s Automotive



"We have been using the ATS 505CRO oil treatment for a few months and have fixed several cars. The first example was a 2003 BMW 325i which was using a quart of oil every 1000 miles. This car has 160,000 miles on it and thought this was a long shot.  After the treatment we were amazed at the reduction. Consumption was down to near zero. The second example was a 2007 Audi A6 with 72,000 miles. It had timing codes and excessive timing chain rattle. 505CRO once again cleared up our problem.  I believe with extended oil service intervals 505CRO is the perfect solution for many carbon and sludge issues.  So far results have been beyond my expectations. I Highly recommend this product."


Andreas Wittler

Owner Hans Wittler’s Automotive




 "Independent Vehicle Service (IVS) was founded in 1983 and is located in Albuquerque New Mexico. IVS has 11 service bays with 3 service writers and specializes in Volvo and European vehicles. However we do work on all makes and models for our better customers. IVS has used all of the industry's big name induction cleaning chemicals over the years. However all of these chemicals have fallen short of our expectation. We would clean the induction system with these chemicals and the drivability problems were still present, and when we used the borescope to inspect these engines they still had high concentrations of carbon in the induction system. These engines then had to be physically cleaned.


 For the past three years we have been a beta test site for ATS Chemical, IVS has sent many vehicles over the years for chemical induction system carbon removal. Initially we saw improvements over the disappointing performance of all the industry's big name products. The intake manifolds, runners and charge valves coming back from ATS Chemical were cleaner than we had seen with the big name brands but the valves and stems where still unsatisfactory. Admittedly we sent them primarily heavily carboned engines. We were not confident that chemical cleaning offered satisfactory results so frequently we would physically clean engines after the chemical treatments. During this last year of beta testing we have witnessed quantum leaps in cleaning efficacy. Now the claustrophobic cave like burrows and tunnels we were sending out returned as the clearly distinguishable valves, stems, and guides of an internal combustion engine. We had the borescope imaging proof that chemical induction cleaning was actually a viable repair.


 With today's complex engine and combustion management systems some amount of our testing is "rule out".  Many times an early step in diagnosing a GDI engine is selling a physical induction service that may cost several hundreds of dollars with the caveat that the service is necessary but may not be the final repair. Now imagine doing a 20-30 minute service with affordable chemistry confident that any carbon related symptom will be resolved. It's a game changer at the front desk, for the customer and for our technicians.


Until the advent of GDI the Volvos we worked on never had induction carbon depositing issues. Now these same vehicles with GDI have noticeable carbon build up by 30K miles and we're seeing that depositing symptomatic as early as 50K. No current GDI engine is immune. Recommending chemical induction cleaning with ATS Chemicals' proprietary automated three chemical delivery system every 30K miles is a wise servicing for anyone planning on keeping their GDI vehicle beyond 50K miles."


David Lang

Founder Independent Vehicle Service,

ASE certified Master Technician, with L1, L2, and L3

2017 Bosch ASE Master Mechanic of the year.







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